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Little Caesars pizza


Little Caesars Pizza is a nationwide take out only pizza chain. Started in 1959 it has been through many changes over the decades. In 1979 it coined the phrase “Pizza, Pizza” which became incredibly popular and launched the business into a household name. The phrase originated from the pricing of their pizzas, they sold 2 pizzas for the price of their competitors’ single pizza. The pizzas were sold in a double long box which was not easy to handle and was eventually changed back to the single pizza box.

Little Caesars was one of the first companies to start using rotary air impingement ovens to make pizzas incredibly fast. While this was great for fast production it is not the best way to make a good tasting pizza. Over the years Little Caesars has gained a lot of popularity for their $5 dollar pizzas.


Typically poor service

The service at Little Caesars is like any fast food chain with a high employee turn over. You can expect a lot of mistakes and long waits at times. The staff can be friendly and usually are but it is easy to tell they are inexperienced and with minimal training. I have seen many customers get very angry with the staff over mistakes and wait times.

2 stars

The quality

Little Caesars pizza reviewWhile they were the only consistently cheap pizza for a very long, that is no longer the case. The pizza that Little Caesars produces for their $5 dollar pizza is not very good. The crust, which is the heart of any pizza, is tough and tasteless, the sauce tastes blain. In the past, I would occasionally get the $5 Hot and Ready pizzas out of convenience and pricing. But in recent years there is a lot of competitors with higher quality pizza taking a large portion of that market.

1 star

Great Price

It is hard to beat the $5 price of the Hot and Ready pizzas they offer. For a long time, they were the only one in this price range. This is no longer the case but there really isn’t anyone coming out with a pizza under $5 so they are still the best price.

5 stars

In conclusion

Personally, I would never eat Little Caesar’s pizza if I was given any other option. In a pinch, I will on a rare occasion pick one up when I am in a hurry because they are still the only pizza place with a fast food style ordering and service.

I would love to hear your thought on Little Caesars. Please fill out a quick review of your experiences with them.




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